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@CHANGING Gears for universal milling machine
Geskovski Dimitrije eng, bul. ASNOM 52/2-6 91000 SKOPJE, Makedonija (F.I.R.O.M.)

INFO:This program calculate numbers of four changing gears which are needful for manufacturing helical gears or helical flute on milling machine; for each machine we must input set of changing gears, pitch of working shaft and constant worms ratio into the program.

in this example: hw=6(mm)- pitch of working shaft;
k=40 - worms ratio
change gears set: 2x24,28,30,32,39,40,44,2x48,52,56,60,64,68,72,76,93,96,100,127

type 0 for gear 1 for helical flute.. 0
input 1 for metric, -1 for DP ...-1
input gear DP(1/inch) =8
input gear teeth number z=27
input angle of slope b(degres)= 22
axsial pitch s(inch)=28.30403
input maximal tolerance of axial pitch h(inch)=.015
*minimal possible pitch .4285448(inch)    for gear set
*maximal possible pitch 208.333(inch)......

necessary pitch(inch)             A      B      C      D             possible pitch
28.30(inch)                           76     44     52     30            28.29= (40*6/25.4)* 76*52/(44*30)

type 0 for exit, 1 for Repeat ....0
axial pitch tolerance h(inch)=.15
type 0 for EXIT, 1 for tooth tolerance ....1
input gear with B(inch)= 1.25
Circular tolerance of tooth side ds(inch)=3.081778E-04
type 0 for EXIT 1 for Repeat..0
this value is calculated for worm ratio 40:1, axial pitch of
work shaft h=6(mm) and changing gears set:

if we got messige we must increase axial pitch tolerance or eventualy
use another (biger) changing gears set;

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