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precision gear & sprocket ratio   : This program calculate teeth number of gears (chain wheels)  which are needed for achievement required  precision ratio (precision speed). This is necessary when we grinding damaged drive roll and must change gears (sprocket) set. (see picture and DEMO)

change gears for universal milling machine  : This program calculate teeth number of four changeable gears which are needed for manufacturing helical gears or helical flute on universal milling machine.  see milling demo
 in demo :  milling machine  with constant = 40*1/4(inch) = 10(inch) = 254(mm)
worms ratio = 40;  machine table spindle pitch = 1/4(inch);  
 machine  change gears set : 
(24, 2x28, 30,32,39,40,44,2x48,52,56,60,64,68,72,76,93,96,100,127 21 gears , 19 different
For another machine we would input you're set of changeable gears,
machine table spindle pitch and constant 
( usually worms ratio) into the program. (see picture )

optimal gears (ask ?) ....calculate optimal addendum modification coefficient of tooth (helical gears  couple) , necessary especially  when substitute inch gears (DP) with metric gears (modulus) ( or reverse) in the same housing, or design planetary gears train, etc..    need help ?
**Metric converse**  small help about initial DP to module converse design
** Gear  measurement ** calculate span measurement and dimension over balls (pins) for helical external and internal gears; ( in Demo are available   for  z > 0 ..external gears and z <0 ..internal gears ..b =18o, and  Demo for Span measurement internal gears, z = -95, .. b = 0o   ;

Precision gears & sprocket ratio

This program calculate teeth number of four gears (chain wheels for requirement precision ratio .
This is necessary when we grinding damaged drive roll and must change gears (sprocket) set; usually we do not change gear (chain wheel) connected with roll.

E.M. - electric motor with constant value of n(rpm)
n(/min)- number of revolution of E.M. Reducer
v(m/min) -track speed (technology fixed value)
A,B,C,D-teeth number of gears (sprocket) 
D (mm)-outside roll diameter

************* DEMO**********


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Change gears  for universal milling machine

 This program calculate teeth number of four changing gears (A,B,C,D) from  milling machine set; in this program are  options, set with 21 gears. For another milling machine we must input set of changing gears, pitch of working shaft , constant worms ratio and machine table spindle pitch into the program.
B*D/(A*C)= S/const - requirement gears ratio
const=k*hw (mm),(inch)- milling constant
k (in demo =40) - worms ratio
hw (mm),(inch)- machine table spindle pitch
(in demo hw=1/4(inch)
gears manufacturing :
S=m*p*z/sinb (mm)-axial pitch of gears
S=p*z/DP*sinb (inch)-axial pitch of gears
m(mm)- normal metric modulus of gears
DP(1/inch)- diametral pitch of gears
z- teeth number of gear
b(degrees)- helix angle of gear tooth
helical flute manufacturing :
S(mm),(inch)- helical flute pitch

* milling demo*

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