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Mladenovski Filip (13 years old)(ttc Bregalnica), after the third place on the Balkan competition in Ankara he won the first place on the national junior and cadet competitions.
Saiti Agon (ppk Vardar), was brilliant on the derby versus ttc Granit and with the victory over
Gaibakjan (ARM)(ttc Granit) he showed that the foreign players aren’t invincible any more, also Tosevski (ttc Granit) lost, but played very well against Parapanov(BUL, WR288)(ttc Vardar).

Last news from MTTA: The Macedonian senior representations won't compete on the Europian Championship, because of finansial problems.

Table Tennis club "Vlae" organised an exelent junior team championship;

After the cancelling the participation on the European championship, because protocolar problem MTTA didn't make to organize the Balkan Youth Championship.
This year the domination on the Skopian clubs was in every ranks and categories, except on the cadets team competition.
On the summer break our kadets i juniors took part on the European competition in Norcia and on the youth olimpic games in Moscow;
In the new season of the Euro - cups took part :
ttc Granit(women) (Nancy Evans cup) versus Tennis Tav. Coccaglio Brescia from Italy - 0:4
-ttc Granit played with two Bulgarian players, but only D.Matovik won one set. 

ttc Granit (men)(Nancy Evans cup) versus ttc A. R. Novelense Peņafiel from Portugal -2:4 

ttc Vardar lost versus ttc Unirea from Jugoslavia - 0:4 (Champions cup)
- D. Surbek JR.(WR 335 ) didn't succeed to suprize Milicevic (WR 166), but in dubles together with Agon Saiti  won one set versus Karakasevic and Milicevic 

On the derby in the autumn part of the season ttc Vardar(men) defeat superiorly ttc Granit (4:1)
-Agon Saiti won Ajanski (Bulgarian international player who is plaing for ttc Granit)   

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